6stepsHow To Get Rid Of Darkness Around Mouth Fast

How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast

If you suffer from darkness around mouth follow these steps to get rid of the darkness fast and quickly . How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast , it is a not a big problem but it long times to take reduce and it commonly come from excess of sun exposure, hormonal imbalance or lip licking , Drooping saliva, constant rubbing,steroid creams, or excess of melanin production. Some person are suffer from two side of the lip or fully around the mouth. Your skin looks like uneven skin tone. So you follow below the instructions to get rid easily.

Vitamin c for darkness around mouth

How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast:Vitamin c

Vitamin c is too good for the uneven skin tone, how to get rid of darkness around mouth fast, you can apply vitamin c serum daily morning or night on the affected area or apply full face. It is very effective to get rid of darkness around mouth.

Another way use vitamin c tablet it available in drug stores and easily got in online how to get rid of darkness around mouth fast.

Take one vitamin C tablet, first powder the tablet and add 1 tsp of honey mix it well and apply around the mouth leave it 15-20 minutes then wash it . Use this remedi for 3 times a week it slowly reduces and it is very effective and lightining the affected area.

Limcee chewable tablet orange this coat is very cheap only $0.25

Best creams for darkness around mouth

How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast:Exfoliate

Weekly once or twice gently scrub the area ,it remove the dead skin cells . You will see the result it slowly reduces the darkness.

How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast, Use lemon and sugar scrub: mix both of these and gently rub for 2-3 minutes. Sugar contain Glycolic acid and bleaching property of lemon helps in lightening of dark skin.

Use chemical peels based on glycolic acid and physical exfoliants like alumina. For hyperpigmentation is also best ways to cure you wear sunscreen regularly. Then apply a vitamin C or retinol serum for after the peel. This would make a perfect night routine for your skin .

How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast , In additionally use chemical peel AHA ana BHA like dermaco peel or minimalist this two are good but use twice in a week and slowly increase once in a week . Using this peel one before you do not use retinol ,and when you apply that peel, not use any serums only use moisturizer on your face. how to get rid of darkness around mouth, Use this peel only at night, apply 10 mins then wash with luke warm water. Do not use anything that time only moisturizer and use next morning sunscreen must do not forget it because your skin will become tan or sensitive.
And the next day you can apply retinol or any serums.


Uv Ray’s can cause hyperpigmentation, How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast, sunscreen is the important one to protect the skin from the sun exposure. The most common problem darkness around mouth is sun exposure .

Use hydronic acid base sunscreen it’s really good for pigmentation. Check must ingredients of the sunscreen with zinc, titanium and avobenzone this is extremely effective in blocking out UVA and UVB rays.

Topical treatments

How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast, try less invasive ingredients like kojic acid, glycolic acid, licorice root extract, vitamin c, retinoids, etc to maintain your skin. would you aldo try alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin c serum or cream.
If you do add kojic acid, retinoids alpha hydroxy acids, or vitamin c to your skincare regimen, make sure to also add sunscreen. All products can make your skin sensitive to sun exposure.


How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast, Dehydration, lack of water intake effects your sensitive skin and pigmentation is result of it. Proper intake of water will surely help , while going outside as UV rays causes hyperpigmentation to the most sensitive skin.

Some home remedies to treat darkness around mouth

ACV: How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast, Apple cider vinegar is the excellent natural remedi for darkness around mouth. Just take 1: 2 ratio , half spoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 spoon of water mixed it both and dip the cotton pad apply for 10-15 minutes then wash it .Apple cider vinegar is remove dirt around the mouth.

Tomato: Apply tomato juice for darkness around mouth, it contain skin lightining property to reduce darkness. how to get rid of dandruff around mouth fast, apply daily for 6- 7 weeks see the result to slowly reduces the darkness,.

Curd and Honey: Apply curd and honey for around mouth, curd in lactic acid and honey nourishes your skin. Use thrice a week.

Red lentil: Red lentil is the powerful ingredient for remove mouth darkness . You can add some besan powder ,curd, then red lentil use the pack twice or thrice a week , you can see the results it definitely reduces the darkness, you can also use this pack for face it also good for remove tan .

Aleovera: Aleovera is the one of best property for product your skin from sunrays. And also good for stubborn, helps to brightining the dark area and giving glow of the skin.

Licorice powder: How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast, it is remove darkness around mouth . licorice powder give dryness of the skin so you can add honey or rosewater or curd. Anything you can use that is your wish use which ingredients works well your skin.

You can do anything first check the patch test then you can use ,because some times some skin does not work all it give irritation ,redness of the skin.
Suppose Homeremedies does not work you can use topical cream such as demelan cream please read the ingredients it have kojic acid, glycolic acid

How to get rid of darkness around mouth fast, In addition you can use kojic acid cream also it easily available in online stores, kojic acid reduce the melanin production and lightining the affected area ,do not skip sunscreen.

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