Outstanding 8 Best Hair Color For Men In India

1. Bigen Men’s Speedy Color, Hair Color

This Bigen is one of Best hair color for men in India. It Contains glycine, olive oil and pullulan. It give the natural look, this is cream type hair color.
You can use necessary quanty and Store the Excess for next application.

Colour : Dark Brown

Type : Cream

Hair Type : Dry

Best hair color for men in india

2. L’Oréal Paris Permanent Best Hair Color for men in india

This hair color nourishing and strengthening Pro-Keratin, Complete hair colour treatment with Triple Care Colour include colouring cream, shampoo and hair mask

Completely cover grey hair from root to tip.

1. Use gloves
2. Apply colour and leave it some time
3 . Then Shampoo out and follow with conditioning mask

This color suitable for all hair types, Available in different shades

Colour with the protective creme infused with pro-keratine and cleanse with the new shampoo to unveil rich, natural color
Mask give nourishing and shine to your hair.

It infused with Ceramide and Pro-Keratine . It product collagen deeply before and after coloring for your hair .
It coverage grey hair from root to tip. Get rich, radiant colour with no greys in sight.

Find the perfect colors like , Burgundy, Black,Natural Brown, Plum Brown, Aishwariya’s Brown ,Dark Brown, Leight Brown, Golden Brown, Caramel Brown.

Colour : Black

Item Form : Cream

Hair type : All

Best hair color for men in india

3. BEAUTE BLANC Fruit Vinegar Gel Hair Color, Best hair Color for Men in india

This hair color used by both men and women and suitable for all hair type. It Nourished, satin soft, your hair
No Side effects on hair. This hair color ,even after few weeks, your hair looks fresh and radiant, nourished .

It contains 2 times more natural oil to protect your hair from dryness, leaving it soft and shiny from root to tip. And also this is best hair color for men in india .the black color quickly cover your hair perfectly.

Use: Pour two in equal proportions in a mixing bowl and mix well. Apply all over the hair and spread it with a comb. Then Leave it for 20-30 mins. After Rinse out

Colour: Black

Item Form : Gel

Hair Type: Normal

Best hair color for men in india

4. Garnier , Hair Coloring Creme, Long-lasting Color

This hair best hair  color for men in india . it gives rich, vibrant and natural color long lasting for 8 weeks with proper care, Also makes hair feel silky and shine. It coverage your gray hair 100% , and enriched with 3 natural oils like Olive, Almond and Avocado which nourish, strengthen and give

The result of hair color not only gives a new natural shade, but also gives it an extra nutrition to increase its shine and make it feel silky-smooth.

First, do an allergy test a small amount of colorant on your skin. If there’s no redness after 24 hours Then take bowl and brush, put on gloves and mix the colorant and developer together evenly. Apply to your roots using the brush before applying over the lengths keep it for 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

Color : Shade 3, Darkest Brown

Full Cure Time : 30 Minutes

Item Form: Cream 

Best hair color for men in india

5. Revlon Top Speed Natural Best Hair Color for Men in india

It Covers gray hair in 5 minutes and
Infused with Mother of Pearl and Ginseng Root Extract and result is shiny and resilient hair

This hair coloring kit that comes with two brushes 1 for full coverage and 1 for root touch-up. No mixing required.

Colour: Natural Black 70M

Full Cure Time: 5 Minutes

Item Form: Cream

Best hair color for men in india

6. Beardo Beard Color For Men

Black Beard best hair color for Men in india – it naturally developed to effectively work on Indian Beards and provides helps to get black shiny beard in just 10 minutes.

This Beardo Beard Dye helps soften and
your beard and also maintain a natural black colour .

Colour: Black

Full Cure Time: 10

Item Form: Cream

Best hair color for men in india

7. VIP HAIR COLOUR SHAMPOO Black Best hair color for Men in india

This is 3 in 1 VIP hair colour shampoo , ( Hair Color, Conditioner, and Shampoo). It enriched with pearl extract, which give shiny natural black hair colour . Best hair color for men in india also women. Men use this for beard color also.

Applied with bare wet hands. This shampoo based hair colour does not stick on your hands and only sticks to the hair.

Maintain this color up to 3 weeks and it provides natural gloss hair colour . Apply this VIP hair dye shampoo into your hair . Cover your grey hair easy

Use this hair colour on your wet Palm. Rub till you get rich lather. Apply on your Hair and any other hair like beard . The process is differ to application of regular hair shampoo. Rinse your hair thoroughly in after 15 Minutes. You will get a natural looking hair colour black without any grey hair.

Colour : Black

Full Cure Time: 15 Minutes

Material Type Free : Ammonia Free

Item Form : Liquid

Best hair color for men in india
8. Just for Men Touch of Gray Hair Colour

Just For Men Hair Color, available in Dark Brown. It take away salt & pepper look. It Comes with an comb so easy apply. Long lasting up to 8 weeks, Perfect for Getting Rid of Some Grey .
No mix, no mess, comb-inside the pack that’s easy to use. Give the Natural-looking color.

Colour : Gray

Material Type Free : Ammonia and Peroxide Free

Item Form : Cream

Hair Type: All

Best hair color for men in india